5 Lean Startup Lessons We Learned While Building Mobifile

Mobifile Lean Startup Lessons Learned



The DLD Tel Aviv Conference is the largest innovation event that takes place in Israel every year. This event brings together the brightest minds of entrepreneurship and tech from around the globe, and gives a quick taste of the Startup Nation. It’s a 3 day event with exciting lectures from leaders in the tech industry, discussions and meetups in various areas such as marketing, development, design and entrepreneurship. You get to watch the top startup companies presenting and sharing their experiences. And if you still have energy, you will find everyone after hours filling the bars and restaurants in the Rothschild Avenue area,  networking and enjoying the Tel Aviv spirit. This year, companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft organized large events with full agenda, presenting new exciting technologies and products, and supporting the many entrepreneurs who attended these events.


At Mobifile, we work closely with the Amazon AWS team and began our journey using the Amazon Activate Program. The Activate program along with Amazon’s AWS flexibility allowed us to start lean and experiment with new ideas by learning fast with minimal resources and budget throughout our way to launching our product. We received the support of the Amazon AWS team along the way to develop and grow our product.


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The Full List of Tech Companies and Startups That Celebrated Marriage Equality with A Brand Rainbow Logo

Love is Love


This week the world celebrated The United States Supreme Court’s landmark ruling to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. We all saw the picture of the White house becomes a colourful statue and lit with colour lights to show its commitment to progress and equality. Over 26 Million people changed their profile pictures with the new Facebook tool that allowed users from around the world to paint their profile pictures with the colour pride rainbow colours.

This week we also celebrated Design and Creativity. We all saw the new coloured White House Logo, all the big companies and brands changing their brand logos on their Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts. As an early stage startup, we wanted to celebrate equality as well so we designed our own logo and painted it in the popular rainbow colours. We saw our friends, big and small startups, accelerators, and other tech companies join us for this celebration of equality, progress and creativity. Browsing the web, we found great inspiration in the new logo designs of all the startups and companies around us. We decided to create the “The Full List of Tech Companies and Startups That Celebrated Marriage Equality with A Brand Rainbow Logo”, and share it with you.

We started with this list after some research and talking to other startup companies. We are sure that there are lots of other companies who celebrated equality that we did not mention here, and we invite you to add companies to the list. If you are a founder of a startup who redesigned its logo, an employee in such a startup, investor or just saw it online, just add the name of the startup, and a link to their Twitter or Facebook page in the comments, and we’ll make sure to add it to the list.


Meerkat App – 


Meerkat Celebrates Pride



Mobifile Celebrates Pride.



Codersclan Celebrates Pride.



Product Hunt

Product Hunt Celebrates Pride.



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Turn Files and Email Attachments into Lists and Collections With the New Mobifile Tags

We are extremely excited to let you know that the new Mobifile Tags are finally available on Mobifile. The new Mobifile tags allow you to turn your files and email attachments into lists, collections and albums. You can now create photo albums, video and music collections stored in your Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive and organize documents into lists. All this in one place without having to download files or move them around between services and devices.


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Gmail Vs. Dropbox and the File Sharing Evolution

Gmail Vs. Dropbox and the File Sharing Evolution


Every day, millions of file attachments get sent with Gmail while 500M files are saved and shared with Dropbox. But which way is better to share a file? Sending your files using an email service like Gmail or sharing files through a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive?


Email has many advantages because it is simple and common – everyone has one. However, email has many downsides as well. Many people “suffer” from email overload due to too many subscriptions and email accounts. When it comes to sharing files its simplicity creates many challenges due to the original technology it was based on. Email was originally built with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and was designed to only allow sending text leading to many technological challenges. One of the main challenges was sending large files over email. To overcome this challenge the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) was invented. MIME lets you send files as email attachments by encoding your attachments as blocks of text, and allowing to send it using SMTP. But the shortcomings of MIME are obvious. Not only do your files get sent out without encryption but also, files over 25MB cannot be sent. An issue that brought about another step forward in the technological file sharing evolution – the Cloud.


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Welcome to our new blog. Good to see you.

Anouncing the Mobifile Blog.


Hi there and welcome to the new Mobifile Blog!


The Mobifile Blog will post updates about new and amazing features that we are working on here at Mobifile, tips from our talented Mobifile team, and stories on what we are doing to make them happen. The team will also share with you the most powerful things you can do with Mobifile, and how it can help you to become more productive and happy at life and work.


Because we are now practically family, we will share with you stories about our team, cool stuff that we do at work and after work, and news about our team and company (feel free to share the same stories with us). We will also post a video and photos, sharing our workspace design and we hope you will drop by and say hello if you’re around.


Since we love our family and want it to grow and fast, it would be great if you share our posts, tweets, articles and more with your friends and family too. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and even on Linkedin. And if you have any questions about our team, or how to use the product, if you have ideas or just want to get to know us better, you can always email us at feedback@mobifile.co.

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